Transportation Logistics Services

Skyhawk Logistics is a premiere national transportation company. We have more than two decades of dedicated experience providing a wide array of transportation services to the U.S. Government and commercial industries. We provide our customers with transportation solutions to solve any type of problem.

  • Transportation Service for the U.S. Government
    Transportation Service for the U.S. Government

    The Government trusts us to provide the right vehicles, drivers and other resources. We manage and sustain dedicated transportation services nationwide. Our reputation as a Government services and solutions contractor has led to numerous contract engagements from such highly visible Federal Government agencies as the Health and Human Services Department, U.S. Army and Navy Departments, Commerce Department, General Services Administration, Social Security Administration, Treasury Department and a host of other agencies.

  • Shuttle Services
    Shuttle Services

    Skyhawk Logistics provides regularly scheduled shuttle bus services for Government agencies across the country. We provide company-owned buses and passenger vans — or efficiently operate Government-owned buses, vans and vehicles. Our drivers are some of the best in the transportation industry. They are highly trained, professional, courteous and safe drivers. Skyhawk Logistics’ drivers are hired after extensive background checks, their experience, training, safety records, security cleared as necessary — and knowledgeable with contract areas, streets, highways, and driving conditions knowledge.

  • Executive Driver Services
    Executive Driver Services

    Skyhawk Logistics provides executive driver and chauffeur services for Federal agencies and Government departments across the United States. We utilize both Government-furnished vehicles and company-owned cars and limousines. Our executive drivers and chauffeurs comply with all traffic regulations and always drive in a safe manner to ensure that Government officials, foreign dignitaries and VIPs arrive at their destinations safely and on time. Our drivers are trained, experienced, safe and courteous.