Facilities Support Services

Skyhawk Logistics provides first class facilities services support for U.S. Government agencies in the Washington, D.C. area and around the Nation. We are an experienced facilities management and support solutions contractor.

  • Facilities Support Services
    Facilities Support Services

    Skyhawk Logistics provides a wide array of facilities management contract or support service, including the following:

    • Preparing office space layout plans and reports.
    • Maintaining automated and manual files of building layout data.
    • Coordinating permanent and temporary office space requirements.
    • Preparing building and facility management reports.
    • Coordinating facility maintenance requests and services.
  • Contract Warehouse Management
    Contract Warehouse Management

    Providing contract warehouse and distribution management for the U.S. Government and commercial customers is one of Skyhawk Logistics’ core business competencies. We provide any type of warehousing and distribution service that may be needed today – and tomorrow. Skyhawk Logistics does so efficiently, responsibly, safely and in the most cost-effective manner possible. For more than two decades, we have developed a proven record of exceptional performance along with strong, dedicated key management, warehouse managers and supervisors — and our trained staffing teams.

  • Property Control and Wall-to-Wall Inventory Management
    Property Control and Wall-to-Wall Inventory Management

    Skyhawk Logistics believes that inventory transactions can be reduced if customer requirements are satisfied. Therefore, we accurately and aggressively audit the customer’s each item of U.S. Government property in inventory and document database as-quickly-as-possible. Skyhawk Logistics has all of the security cleared and trained inventory personnel needed for any type of contract. Our inventory teams are composed of experienced experts who perform all tasks with exemplary professionalism. No item is too big or small for our personnel to accurately inventory. From solid rocket engines to paper clips – Skyhawk Logistics can inventory it!

  • Supply Management
    Supply Management

    Skyhawk Logistics has assisted many U.S. Government agencies with their supply management needs. We use defined methods on all of our Government supply services contracts. By standardizing the method, Skyhawk Logistics provides a solid and well thought-out basis for determining supply, commodity and material handling requirements. We are experts at moving supplies and materials to, through-and-from productive and distribution processes.

    Skyhawk Logistics operates its own supply systems and warehouses, as well as provides supply management, shipping, receiving and transportation services for numerous Government-owned supply facilities and warehouses. We do so using best commercial practices in accordance with customer directives and Government policies. Skyhawk Logistics routinely inspects material and supplies stored in our care. This is an extremely important step in providing the customer with an evaluation of material quality.