Global Logistics Support Services

Skyhawk Logistics provides global logistics support services to the U.S. Government and foreign governments, international organization and overseas domestic and foreign commercial enterprises. We offer a full-range of reliable, effective and responsive planning, procurement services, supply chain management and distribution solutions. Skyhawk Logistics moves vital supplies, equipment, commodities and people to where ever they need to go through our numerous and effective delivery methods -- which make us a true leader in the field of global logistics support.

  • Global Logistics Support Services
    Global Logistics Support Services

    • Delivery rapid responses.
    • Distribution of material and equipment.
    • Ensuring products and commodities are delivery correctly and on time.
    • Facility physical security.
    • Freight manifesting and tracking.
    • Housing assistance.
    • Loading and unloading household goods and personal possessions.
    • Logistics training programs.
    • Overseas warehousing.
    • Personal security.
    • Transportation.

    We also give special attention to providing civilian and military training, customs clearances, medical evaluations, linguistics needs, cultural awareness and many other related services to help Government employees and military personnel fulfill their deployment to countries all over the world!

  • In-country Assistance
    In-country Assistance

    When U.S. Government employees and their families are required to live overseas, Skyhawk Logistics is there to assist them in getting settled in their new homes. While this can be an unsettling time for most families, we are there to help. Skyhawk Logistics offers the assistance of our trained and specialized personnel to make the transition a smooth one.

    Our in-country assistance services to Government agencies and include:

    • Abduction prevention briefings and information.
    • Anti-terrorism tactics.
    • Continuous improvements to meet new situations and contract requirements.
    • Customer first approach in all customer service activities.
    • Direct contact and support of overseas missions, U.S. Embassies and U.S. Consulates.
    • Documentation, Passport and Visa requirement information.
    • Providing Multiple Listing Service housing with Internet access.
  • Overseas Government Housing Assistance and Leases
    Overseas Government Housing Assistance and Leases

    Skyhawk Logistics knows that housing and leasing related issues for U.S. Government personnel and their dependents can be stressful for everyone concerned. Our trained specialists assist in handling housing, maintenance, health, safety and security matters. Our approach integrates the use of expert customer services personnel to meet agency specifications and provide for a higher quality-of-life standard for housing recipients.

    The features and benefits of our approach include:

    • Assisting personnel with housing information that is affordable and safe.
    • Briefings for overseas living conditions, health conditions, required vaccination shots, abduction prevention, anti-terrorism tactics and self-defense.
    • Provide inspection scheduling.
    • Providing Multiple Listing Service and Internet access.
    • Use of automated tools to provide insight on housing availability.
  • Physical Security Services
    Physical Security Services

    Skyhawk Logistics provides U.S. Government officials, facilities, warehouses and buildings tailored-made with security services. We offer physical security for office and apartment buildings, warehouses, motor pools, construction sites, airports and special events. Skyhawk Logistics protects U.S. Government personnel, dependents, foreign dignitaries and traveling businessmen.

    Some of our services include:

    • 24-hour alarm monitoring.
    • Armed and unarmed guards.
    • Asset protection and tracking.
    • Background investigations.
    • Body guards.
    • Closed circuit TV and video.
    • Communications security.
    • Computer based security systems integration.
    • Digital video recording and transmission.
    • Electronic locking systems and Intrusion detection.
  • Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding
    Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding

    Skyhawk Logistics provides customs clearing and freight forwarding services for our many U.S. Government customers. We obtain clearances for cargo, trucks, drivers and border clearances as may be necessary to get personnel and freight from one country to another.

    Skyhawk Logistics assists our clients in providing the following documentation for facilitation of customs clearances:

    • Packing lists.
    • Consulate letters.
    • Shipper’s declaration for customs.
    • Commercial Bill of Lading
    • Cross Border Documentation (applicable by country).
    • HAZDEC documentation when required.