Administrative Support Services

Providing expert and efficient administrative and professional support services to the U.S. Government is one of Skyhawk Logistics' core business services. We are able to do so nationwide through our pool of full-time and temporary employees. Skyhawk Logistics provides US Government agencies with administrative assistants, legal secretaries, paralegals, financial analysts, program analysts, physical security specialists, etc. No matter what the administrative needs are – we can provide it!

  • Administrative Support Services
    Administrative Support Services

    Skyhawk Logistics provides US Government agencies with administrative assistants, legal secretaries, paralegals, financial analysts, program analysts, physical security specialists, etc.

    • Reports, plans, correspondence management, and travel operations.
    • Logging, tracking and mail distribution.
    • Electronic message generation and processing.
    • Interoffice coordination, tracking and compliance.
    • Training information dissemination and conference management.
    • Logging and tracking specific program requirements.
    • Property management and procurement management.
    • Temporary service management of Government Furnished Equipment
    • Quality Assurance Monitoring.
  • Personnel Security Background Investigation
    Personnel Security Background Investigation

    Skyhawk Logistics is pleased to be able to support the U.S. Government’s efforts to protect our Nation by assisting with personnel security background investigations. In fact, we are the perfect contractor to support agencies in carrying out their security clearance needs. Our personnel are experts in providing a variety of timely pre-employment background investigations for persons seeking Federal Government employment, as well as intake/data entry/file room services to meet timely scheduling of background investigation requirements to ensure all applicants are suitable for employment and/or security clearances.

    Skyhawk Logistics has provided these services to the Government for many years. We are exceptionally qualified and offer a full-range of services from administrative support (e.g., intake/data entry and file room management, etc.) to full-scope background investigations to limited investigations (including such items as criminal conviction checks, employment, education, residences and references, etc.). All of Skyhawk Logistics investigative activities are conducted in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act and includes:

    • Providing background investigations/background checks for potential or existing employees in accordance with applicable Federal, state and local regulations.
    • Verification of previous employers.
    • Salary histories.
    • Criminal records checks.
    • Education verification.
    • Credit history checks.
  • Human Resources & EEO Services
    Human Resources & EEO Services

    Skyhawk Logistics has recently taken it’s nearly two decades of experience in providing Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Services to a new level – we are now on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule for these services! Our human resources personnel are some of the best in the business. Each has years of professional experience and meet all of the qualifications the Government is looking for in temporary solutions and long-term contract services.

    Skyhawk Logistics human resource services include:

    • Function review/integration services.
    • Handling all types of employee relations.
    • Outplacement.
    • Personnel actions.
    • Position classification.
    • Providing support in the functions of planning, recruitment and internal placement, training and worker’s compensation.

    We also offer analysis of discrimination complaints, alternative dispute resolution and EEO services, consulting and training.

    Skyhawk Logistics provides the following additional EEO services:

    • Alternative dispute resolution, reference materials relating to equal opportunity programs.
      Comprehensive employee assistance and related social and behavioral health counseling and readjustment services.
    • EEO counseling (individual and class complaint).
    • EEO training and consulting.
    • Investigation of Discrimination Complaints.
    • Legal, benefit/compensation consultation in the areas of individual and family personal and financial enhancement.
    • Personal and family support.
    • Preparation of an analysis and Recommended Final Agency Decision in discrimination complaints, inquiry, resolution attempt and preparation of analysis on allegations of noncompliance with settlement agreements or final decisions.
    • Preparation of reports of investigation (includes individual case/consolidated case-one or additional issues, continuing violation, on-line reporting system, additional copies of investigation reports).
    • Resolution attempt and report of inquiry regarding notices of intent to sue under Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.
    • Wellness coaching.